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What is Sirius C? Does it exist? Is it a star? A planet? Did it once support life? Did a life form from Sirius C explore our earth, visit an African tribe (the Dogon) 5000 years ago, maybe even construct the Sphinx of Egypt? Who knows for certain?
The Sirius star system is a grouping of two, and possibly, three stars - Sirius A and B, and the controversial Sirius C -- the mystery star. The system was noticed as far back as five thousand years. The myth and mystery of Sirius is found in ancient legends of several cultures, as well as in astronomical lore of the Dogon tribe of Africa.                   

Sirius A is thought to be larger than our sun and to be visible in the Northern hemisphere from November to April -- located in the jaws of the Great Dog constellation.
It is claimed that ancient civilizations knew of Sirius A. Egyptians recognized it as the largest star, and they marked its yearly appearance as the beginning of their calandar year, ushering in the heat of summer and the impending Nile floods. 

Sirius B is smaller than Sirius A, but it is compromised of metals that make it one of the heaviest celestial bodies in the universe. Legends state that B circles A every fifty years, and that this orbiting accounts for the number 50 found in many ancient myths, as the B star appeared to the people at this interval. Scientist have now been able to document the existence of the B star with the latest technology.

Sirius C is the star of controversy in the scientific community. It is so small that it cannot be photographed, and the scientific community cannot absolutely confirm its existence. The basis for belief for Sirius C comes from the lore of a group of tribes-people, the ancient Dogon tribe of Africa. These people tell of an old myth, surrounding the Sirius star grouping that includes three stars, not two. They believe that extraterrestrial beings came to earth in the form of amphibians 5000 years ago and related information to the tribe regarding the existence of the three Sirius stars as well as teaching them of celestial movements in the heavens. Of course, there is great controversy among scientist regarding the existence of Sirius C and the extraterrestrial life and metaphysical influence coming from these stars. But is it possible?

Whatever your belief about the Sirius grouping of three stars, you will find the original art work found at the web site not to be a mystery at all. It is real. It is full of depth. It is beautiful. The drawings, created by Jarod Grebitus, have layers of meaningful objects that reflect the earth itself. As you examine each piece of Jarod's artwork, you will see new aspects of it with each close viewing. It is full of spiritual beauty. One can appreciate the splender of it simply as artwork, or one may find more meaning as one meditates into the debths of the work itself. Jarod has developed his art over a period of several years. He is self-taught, his art coming to him through his natural talent and his spirituality, which is centered in the earth. He is now offering his art to all of us so that we may share in its beauty and mystery. Get absorbed in the mystery of Sirius C. Take a look into the beautiful multi-layered pieces of art and delve into the mysteries of the universe. Come take a look. Take a moment to go upon a visiual journey into the debths of this unique and lovely art.

If you are curious about Sirius, check the web under Sirius C.

The Author  obtained some information through web research, including "the Sirius Mystery" by James Oberg at and "The Sirius Star System" at

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